Thursday, June 4, 2009

Leaks & Spills

When I first ventured into the world of liquid receptacles for children I had no idea that I was in for torture. As a new mom-to-be you read every article on BPA, colic, gas-reducing, etc. etc. After extensive analysis I decided this was the absolute best of the best bottle for our children.

At the time I didn't consider the cleaning time required with these bottles...thank goodness for dishwashers. What was I thinking?!

Then we decided we would switch to these in hopes that one day Cati & Val would hold their own bottles & feed themselves. Perhaps a shorter wider bottle would do the trick! Uh uh wishful thinking on my part.

In every case the darn bottles leaked & would spill formula everywhere ruining everything in it's path...kiddie outfits, adult pants, bottle bags dripping w/milk, car seats, car mats, & the list goes on. I must be an idiot. I mean how hard is it to screw on a bottle nipple. I don't have a degree in this field but really HOW many times can I get it wrong? It doesn't matter which bottle we used the friggin things would leak. Switching to another brand didn't help either. I would always find my hands sticky with formula milk at every feeding. SO I would go through the ritual of removing the bottle from a screaming hungry child's mouth to "readjust" the nipple & screw it on AGAIN. It's just the little things that make my day impossible.

Now that we have the green light to use sippy cups, I was ecstatic at the idea of FINALLY introducing the girls to Spill Proof. Aaahh I can already picture my dry cleaning bill shrinking. I can picture getting dressed just once without having to go back to change my pants for work. And I imagine a car without the smell of formula impregnated in the carpet & car seats. Sigh.

Sound the alarm!! Someone through a bucket of water on my dream. I don't think so! This is what our new cups have produced. More leaks.

With all the high tech innovation out in the world today it boggles my mind that I have to deal with this. Something so simple so trivial yet so ANNOYING.

Perhaps at the end of the day it in fact could be that I don't have the skill to use these contraptions & I may need some kind of hands-on help. If anyone knows of any professional help here please let me in on it.

Maybe one day when my kids are old enough to share a beer with me I'll finally be rid of this problem.

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