Friday, August 22, 2008

3 months down...

This was a big week for us...the girls officially turned three months old on Tuesday August 19th. YAY..I am one month closer to the 1 year mark. Apparently, you get an olympic sized gold medal if you can survive twins for a whole year :)

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Growing..and growing...and growing..

The peanuts are two months old now and I feel like each week there's something new I learn about them. Most recently they follow me with their eyes. They can see daddy approaching them & when I do make funny faces at them...they actually SMILE!! And, yes, I'm pretty sure it's not gas smiles :) They like it when I play with their little feet & give them kisses. They are also "cooing" although I wouldn't describe it as a "coo" sound but more of these girgling noise with some high pitch yells thrown in. AAAAHHHH....I remember so clearly when they could barely open their eyes.

My goal for this first year of their life is to blog at least once a week. For all of you veteran moms, you know this is an aggressive goal. But since I'm not keeping any other permanent record (baby book, scrap book, photo montage, etc.) of my first kids, I really need to do this. Otherwise they will grow up so fast & by then my memory will be complete SHOT...when did Cati take her first step?? when did Val say mama??...was it Cati or Val who flushed X down the toilet?? incredibly shrinking brain!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Twice the love Twice the fun!

On May 19th 2008 a day that will be forever marked in my memory as the most incredible day of my life my TWO beautiful daughters were born! I've never experienced any kind of emotion like this that it really should have it's own word all together. "Giving Birth" yes that's the emotion & it encompasses love, excitement, nerves, laughter, fear, hope, worry all rolled into one. Nevertheless my darling daughters were born happy & healthy (for the most part). They spent an additional 10 days in the NICU (Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit) for some issues to be resolved before they were discharged. These days were the hardest of my life...motherhood set in.

Catalina Evangelista Martinez
Born at 8:00PM weighed 5lbs 2oz 17 3/4 inches long

Valentina Maria Martinez
Born at 8:02PM weighed 4lbs 10oz 18 inches long




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