Friday, January 23, 2009

8 months!

Along with the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Day we celebrated the girls 8 months of life. I won't get into the whole rant of the time flying by but you can see for yourself. I can hardly keep up with this blog!
Precious Cati

Precious Val
Unlike their other monthly milestones Jorge & I got to spend the day at home with them to celebrate their 8 months. At this point the girls are still scooting around on their bellies and use their arms on occasion to move around. They love flipping over, not on the floor, but on the changing table when you need them to stay still & face up. For some reason they use their diaper changes to explore all the small things around them. They sit up on their own pretty well on their own now. So much that, the girls have decided life on their bottoms are MUCH better then lying around on your back. They really enjoy their excersaucer & this little walker that rolls around an activity table...the smile on their faces tells it all. Independence!
Girls on bellies
Cati in her toy
Val in her toy

This month we introudced Cati & Val to the big girl tub. They enjoy bath time much more now that they can play with toys and sit up on their own & they can also play with each other err take toys from each other. YIKES!
Adult bath time
Food-wise..the world is their oyster! But no big chunks mom! They eat a wide array of foods so long as the chunks are not too big or stringy. Go figure, already they're developing their preferences.

Here they're eating french fries. Before you cringe at what I'm subjecting my children to please note that these are organic & baked not fried. Clearly Cati preferred to play with her wiggly fries...and Val (no surprise) decided good food should not be wasted as you can barely see the fry in her hand & in her mouth!
Never a dull moment.
Cati & french fries
Cati & her fry guy!

Val Exploring Fries
Val making sure no one comes to take her fry!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Val Says Mama...err something like it!

I finally heard it for myself after never ending days of DA DA DA & PA PA PA those lovely sounds that every mother longs to hear from the mouths of babes, MA MA MA My dear sweet Valentina has decided to wrap her mom around her little finger by saying those lovely words. Please allow me to indulge myself. Of course I know she has no idea what she's saying. But part of my likes the idea that my daughter is calling me for once. As well as the ability to finally see the smirk on Jorge's face melt when his daughter now calls MEEEEE her mother. The person who's at her beckon call day and night.
I always did share a different bond with Val. You see my little peanut was the smallest of the two. She was only 4lbs when she was born. And she had a very special place in my belly. A spot that caused days upon days of painful agony! Val was a breech baby laterally positioned towards the right side of my belly. You could literally see a large round bulge the size of a grapefruit stick out of my right side near my armpit. I really thought one day she would actually crack one of my ribs that's how bad the pain was. She was so wedged in there in fact that when they were trying to deliver her they had to kind of scoot her down similar to when you're trying to get the last of the toothpaste in the tube. Yes, just like that! They couldn't even turn her around to get her out head first so she was delivered breech. Her birth was pretty incredible because of how long it took to get her out of the small nook she created for herself in my womb. Throughout my pregnancy there was never any doubt when she moved & when she stayed perfectly still. I guess this was her way of say thanks mom for all you went through with me...aahhh. At least in my mind. All that to say my little girl can say "ma ma" :)

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Trying to catch up!

The holidays came & went and once again I feel like the rat race or the parent's race is upon us. Everyday there's projects, errands, chores, etc. to catch up on. When do we find time to blog & update our "History Book" I've developed here. The girls are quickly approaching 8 months & this month is no different then the others with developments, milestones, new worries, and yes, even more things to do!

Valentina surprised us this month by deciding she was going to be more vocal. Like most constantly worried, over protective, new parent Jorge & I were wondering what was "wrong" with her? We couldn't figure out why Catalina's speech was flourishing with new consonants including da da & pa pa & ba ba and Val was just sitting there just observing her sister in all her vocal glory. One night after considering bringing the topic with her pediatrician OUT came the noises & sounds of Val's mouth. I'm sure any veteran parent will say "I told you so" on this one but I'm new at this so please bear with me. I'm sure this will happen over & over & over again. My new worry is that Catalina seems like she want to start crawling when placed on her belly while Val seems to screech at the very thought of you placing her anywhere near her belly! She's quite happy to have mastered sitting on her own & she will contently watch her sister struggle with trying to become mobile.
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