Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blueberries = Baking


We had a bunch of blueberries on hand. I wasn't quite sure how many berry smoothies I could make before the girls decided enough was enough. So I thought I would bake some blueberry muffins. It's a Cooking Light recipe you can find here.

I'm no Martha Stewart or Barefoot Contessa, bless their wooden spoons, but I think I can follow simple directions. And these were simple enough.


Not bad. Notice some cups are fuller then others. Yeah I wasn't quite sure how much goes in each cup. We'll see how it bakes.



So I froze the smaller ones for the girls. And the large ones I left for J. He'll be the ultimate decision on thumbs up or down :)


Of course I thought they were yummy.

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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

"Bless their wooden spoons." I love it!

They look good!

Rule of thumb on filling the trays - 3/4 full. Same for cupcakes.