Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sick and Sicker

As a mom of multiples I should have expected this would come down on me one day. I have to admit that I was praying that the good Lord would spare me this experience until the girls were at least able to such luck!

Ah well here we are in peanuts' infirmary. BLEH! That pretty much sums up how everyone feels including Jorge. The universe has a way of making sure we all survive what's infront of us so I, of course, have managed to stay healthy throughout this ordeal. I saw hints of this on Monday & I was trying to convince myself the girls were just a little congested probably because of the heat in the house. It's okay to laugh you veteran parents :) Hey one can hope, right?! It all went inevitably down hill. FULL BLOWN COLD for both babies!

So here's one sick baby....
And here's sick baby #2...

And tired dog...
Sick & Sicker = tired mom. I haven't slept much in the last 2 days as the cough & sniffles have goten worse through the night. Let's be honest, I don't sleep much as it is since the peanuts were born but THIS is really just cruel & unusual punishment. My only consolation & light at the end of tunnel is, I'm sure Kate Gosseling (Jon & Kate +8 on TLC Monday nights!..who's a fan??) survived something similar with sextuplets with no outside help & just her husband to get her through it. So that's the inspiration I need to get through this. Unfortunately the girls' pediatrician was no help since there isn't anything you can give babies their age to help with the symptoms. We've been left with old school wisdom on this one...Vicks Vapor Rub, humidifier, and dash of modern medicine which includes saline up your nose (eewwww!) and the good 'ol hospital provided nose aspirator. Jorge still can't figure this one out so we just call it the "boogie thing" around our house.

We take turns comforting a baby that requires immediate adult cuddling...


A good toy, that would otherwise be off limits, also comes in handy when someone is experiencing separation anxiety..

I know you're probably thinking that toy is dangerous in her mouth. But right about now it's all about survival my friends.

Well Dr. Mom is on call so off I go into battle. Wish me luck!

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MommyAmy said...

Oh man... I hear ya!!!

I too often tell myself, "Remember, Kate has to do this with SIX!"

My girls were both sick this past week too, so not fun! The good news is most of these cold type illnesses only last for about a week. There IS light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there!!!

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

The girls look great - sick or healthy. Thanks for sharing your site with me, I'm looking forward to catching up. I can't believe how much they've grown since I saw them ages ago.

Wish I had some words of advice on the sick thing. We're going through it with Mina big time now that she started preschool.