Friday, February 13, 2009

Like I said...never a dull moment

Just when we thought we got through sickies with flying colors, IIIIIIII get a horrible evil stomach virus! UUUGGHH I'll spare you the yucky details but it wasn't pretty and it involved the porcelain god & the bathroom floor. And no, I wish it was a hangover! Somehow some evil virus caught me on the subways of NYC (this is my story & I'm sticking to it). I was visiting clients on Monday fine & healthy as a fiddle. Come Tuesday morning all hell broke lose. I had to call poor J from work to come save me because I swore I was on my death bed. And I wanted to give him special instructions about raising my girls :)

Anyhow 2 days on liquids and I'm 3lbs lighter. I guess something good can come out of misery. Well the drama doesn't end there. The next day the peanuts dad also got a whiff of my evil virus and while it hasn't actually knocked him down it sure has scarred him, in more ways then one. He's a trooper though, unlike me. And it's like I've always said, he has an iron clad stomach while I can become deathly ill over a day old milk. It's actually incredible how this man can eat a week old fish & walk away feeling nothing but a little gassy! I just don't get it.

The silver lining here is that the girls have NOT gotten it. And I am praying to everything that's holy that they don't. I don't think I could live through that!! I can only imagine what it could do to them after what's happened to me.

So word to the wise...thoroughly sterlize yourself after visiting bacteria ridden subways! (Sorry New Yorkers) And properly wash your hands as often as possible & Lysol everything in sight as often as possible. Yes, for those of you that aren't aware, I'm the epitome of OCD and I've throughly washed down the girl's playroom, nursery, toys, blankets, exersaucers, plush toys, you name's hit the washing machine or the can of Lysol. pics! I don't think you'd want any related to this post.

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