Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Never A Dull Moment

What a week it's been and here we go with the start of another week! No wonder why I'm so exhausted, we are just non-stop every day.

For those that keep track (me & J) ha ha! The girls had their pediatrician check up. This is always fun for us because we take bets on how much the girls have grown weight & length & we also have a chance to brag to our doc about what wonderful & exciting things our girls are doing. And he doesn't get that glazed over look like most people who are just tired of hearing of the prodigies we're raising :) The doc is actually listening intently and offering advice and taking copious notes on my children's development. OR he could just be writing his grocery list but nevertheless he indulges us and allows us to give him a detailed update. They seem to be tracking the same length wise where Val seemed to have the advantage here by 1/4 inch. But Cati still outweighs Val by about 1/2 lb which has been the case since they were born.

Catalina is weighing in at 16lbs 12 oz and 28 inches
Cati is liking her new found freedom and attempts to move everywhere she can BY HERSELF. She refuses any help from us. As shown here....


I'll take this toy...Val clearly you're not fast enough!


Then I'm going to turn around & see what's good over here...

Oh look! Another cute toy....yup this one is mine too!

Valentina is weighing in at 16lbs 8oz and 28 inches
Val is not so interested in roaming the world on her belly. She much prefers to be on her bottom enjoying the view from her spot. And when placed on her belly, the girl refuses to move! As shown here.....


Hey mom...can you help a sister out over here!!


Uh where's the toy???...Cati came & went & there's no sign her OR the toy!

However if you stand her up like a dignified person she's happy for you to assist her!


Make sure I don't fall mom..okay.

In case you're wondering, they are playing in their finest threads because we celebrated baby David's baptism. Cati & Val's little cousin. I haven't gotten pics of him yet but stay tuned..

Since the weather was SO NICE we got away with wearing our frilly girly stuff today without any fear that we would freeze to death. The cute shoes didn't make it though so forgive us for the primitive look ;)



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MommyAmy said...

LOVE the pic of them smiling with their pink coats on! So cute!