Monday, March 9, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

For two reasons...the first is the amazing spring fever we got this past weekend. God only knows how much I loathe the winter season. I walked out at 7am to walk my pooches & I think even they were surprised to feel the warmth in the air. We didn't do anything too special except enjoy the outdoors. I didn't even care that the girls might get their light colored clothing dirty SHOCK! It's okay, I figured they're going to outgrow it anyways so it won't be worn again. But it was fun to watch them hanging out in the yard exploring the ground beneath them.



C3 was also doing some exploring of his own.


And in case anyone was wondering...where are the parents??


We were out there enjoying the sun too!!

Just like the weather can change literally overnight, so can children. It's pretty amazing (to me anyways) to watch a child do one thing one day and something completely different the next. It's like the light bulb goes on & they suddenly just get it.

Cati was army crawling strictly on her arms & we figured since she pretty much mastered that kind of crawling, she probably wouldn't want to figure out another way or the right way for that matter. And I think I posted what Valentina was doing...ummm...nothing. She would just lay there on her belly spin around & cry from frustration. Suddenly it all changed. On Saturday not much had changed & by Sunday night they were on all fours moving forward! Double take...what??!!

And now they're all over the place moving from place to the next..behind the TV...the bottom of the stairs...


And getting into things they clearly shouldn't be into...uuggh. Wish me luck!
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MommyAmy said...

LOL, time to baby proof! When our girls got to that age we just gated off the living room and did everything we could to make it as safe as possible.