Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Countdown to 10 months...

This has probably been the most exciting month so far in this first year of peanuts' life. We went from some hum drum moments to all out fireworks at our house.

Val's very first tooth is about to make it's appearance! YAY lil peanut. I felt the tip of it this weekend but not enough to take a pic but it's there.

Then the peanuts went from sitting up on their own & quietly (most of the time) observing the world....to hey I want to be an active part of this world and now they're crawling without a second thought, pulling themselves up to standing position, maybe I can walk, & definitely getting INTO things :the horror:

Don't tell Jorge his video games were rearranged :)

As my girls find their new found freedom I can't help but feel mine slipping away. Let's be real who really has "time to kill" when you have twins. But on occassion I could sneak in a few minutes here & there to make my family a decent meal, pay some bills online, send out a couple of emails & maybe sit & blog for a minute or two. All that has changed. It's like I can't let them out of my sight. No bathroom breaks, snack breaks, email breaks, or I just need to sit for second breaks. Oh no there will be none of that. That's all a thing of the past.

While I'm ecstactic to see the girls progress my world as I know it has turned into one giant ball of fear...will they fall? will they crack their head open? will they swallow some foreign object they found under the couch? (I swear I clean as much as I can) will they find the stairs? and climb them?! will one hurt the other one so bad I'll wind up in the ER? will my house ever be the safe again???

And yet there's some pretty cool moments to having them so active & mobile these days. Like for instance...we've formed an all girl band. The GO-GOs got nothing on us! ha ha


And shopping is alot more fun when there's 3 of us....


And we can do things like swimming....


One minute my heart stops in utter fear & the next might heart skips a beat because they are what I love most in this world...



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Sadaf Trimarchi said...

wow, J - the girls are getting so big! It's amazing to see how much they change so quickly. I'm with you on enjoying the spell of warmer weather. I can't take much more of the cold.