Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clean bill of health!

We had our 10 month well baby visit last week & the girls got a clean bill of health! Dr. M says the girls are growing & developing beautifully. Like most doctor visits this gives me a huge sense of relief for a moment & then the moment passes & my mind fills with worry all over again until their next visit. This month was especially stressful since the girls had a brief hunger strike for a couple of weeks. They refused to drink any milk down to half their normal daily intake & solids were on a selective basis. I was worrying myself sick over this.

Anyhow I've gone through these cycles since the girls were in utero...and nothing's changed. I wonder if it will ever subside. I guess as a new parent you always worry if you're making the right decision for your child. For me it goes something like this...Did they eat enough?? (they were preemies so I always worry about weight) Did they sleep enough?? How did they get this scratch?? Did that last fall cause a concussion?? Are their motor skills developing right?? Are they babbling the correct # of syllables?? Should they be walking?? Should they be talking?? Can they tell I'm exhausted?? Am I terrible mom for wanting them to go to bed already??!!

So those are the kinds of thoughts that keep me up at night. But then for about 40 minutes my wonderful doc reassures me that they are doing just fine. They're doing incredible things like reaching for the doc's beeper (woops!) & fighting for the wooden tongue depresser in the doc's office (sorry!) & laughing at each other while the other one's getting examined. And the stats speak for themselves.

In this corner...Catalina Martinez
19lbs 4.6 oz (45th percentile) 29 inches tall (75th percentile) head 17 1/4 inches

AND in this corner...Valentina Martinez
18lbs 7.5oz (25th percentile) 28 3/4 inches tall (75th percentile) head 16 3/4 inches

So technically the girls should be compared to babies a month younger since they were born 5 weeks earlier but since they are doing pretty well we compare to children their age. As you can see we have NO issues with height...I wonder why that is?? Hmmmm....

Then they do things like this & I start too think maybe they're evolving a little too fast. Sigh.


Someone started out with an idea...the little hand you see on the bottom left is her sister who thought it was a good idea to follow!


And while one was working on her side...


The other was busy too!

And it ended like this...

There goes my blood pressure :O

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MommyAmy said...

lol, they're so cute! We were chickens and didn't let the girls try the stairs until they were 14 months old, looking back I think I could have started them a lot sooner! So grats for being brave!!!