Friday, October 17, 2008

Life in the world of solids...

The girls will be 5 months old on Sunday...I can't believe how quickly time is passing.
Cati tasting Strawberries
Val loving her new found solids!!
I'm so incredibly excited to celebrate their very 1st holidays...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!! You can ask Jorge and he will confirm that these are BIG for me! I've always enjoyed celebrating them and have started traditions in our house ever since we started dating. For Halloween, I've managed to have him dress up at least ONCE. For Thanksgiving we have hosted it at our house a few times. And when we don't host it we make our own turkey at home & celebrate Thanksgiving again "just us." And Christmas is just No Holds Barred...decorations, baking, cooking, fresh trees, wreaths, carols, etc. etc. I luv luv luv Christmas so much that I get so depressed when it's over. New Year's is not as exciting but still I love watching the ball drop & kissing my sweety at midnight...hee hee!

Anyhow, all this to say that I am so looking forward to the holidays with the girls. So first up is Halloween & I decided they will be Lady Bugs mostly because it was on sale & looked comfy. It's made by Carters in the form of a sleep/play PJ and warm and cozy. SO I'm looking for a bug-type outfit for me and dad. I'm thinking we can be bumble bees or something.

SO back to the topic on the title of this post...boy did I go off on a tangent. My girls started solids when they turned 4 months, cereal, which to me is not really solids. The girls had a rough time with rice cereal (constipation...yuck!) so we decided despite my reservations about this, to add it to their bottles which worked out much better. Mommy has decided to make our own baby food. This sounds crazy even to me. Anyhow I've read up a bunch of books & asked around with some friends. As it turns out, a handful of friends make their own food for their kids. That was so shocking to me! So we ventured into the veggies world and I made a batch of steamed sweet potatoes. And the results were BIG HIT!! The girls just gobbled it up like they've been eating it for years :look of shock: I kept thinking to myself, where did they learn how to eat? Valentina protests when there's no more and Cati knows she must open her mouth when the spoon is approaching. I found all of this so amusing. They are doing great with the eating process and actually seemed more satisfied after a feeding with real solids. So I'm going to introduce them to oatmeal (fed by spoon) this weekend. This means they will be having 2 real meals along with 4 bottle feedings of 7 oz....are they monsters or what??!!! Man these girls can EAT!

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