Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It happened!

The unthinkable happened yesterday!! I had heard some stories about this & thought to myself, gosh I hope MY girls never do anything like this. Well it didn't actually happen to me per se, but it happened to Jorge. As we prepared for our nightly ritual....feeding of solids followed by a bottle followed by a nice soothing bath & then lotion massage & down for the night...the unthinkable grossest thing I'd ever seen happened!

I'm at the bottom of the stairs trying to understand what the heck Jorge was yelling about. All he kept saying was "I need your help!" Why, I asked. You give baths all the time. UUGGGHH annoyed mom goes up to the girls bathroom with Valentina in my arms. I opened the door to find my husband with my naked smiling daughter in his arms and thought what's the problem? Until he said..."what's the proper way to get poop out of the tub!" EEEEEWWWWW!!!!!

Yes, my daughter was so relaxed she pooped in her tub :shock & awe: The answer to his question was, "I don't know!" So I grabbed some toilet paper and attempted to scoop out the poop. Honestly I'd rather pick up my dogs' poop 100x over this. So I proceeded to dump out the poop & the water only to realize the poop did not stay in one piece & it was now in the tub. The tub which was now backed up. The tub which now had a veerrrry sloooow drain...double EEEEWWW. Yes the poop was just there floating in what seemed to be a still pond in my bathroom. Think quick! I still need to bathe these girls & put them to bed. SO we finished up the process in the sink while Cati had a diaper put on her so she could finish her business. I swear she was in a much more joyful mood then usual. If I didn't know better I would think she new EXACTLY what she did & was secretly amused by the whole ordeal.

I asked Jorge if he wanted to capture the dreadful act and take a picture. His response was an emphatic NO. So the next best thing was to take a pic of the culprit involved :)

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